SCI - Renewal
SCI - Renewal
SCI - Renewal

SCI - Renewal

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This batik will only be available for 2 WEEKS

 7/21/21 through 8/04/21

“Renewal” was originally sold at The String Cheese Incident's Dillion/Red Rocks run last week. We created this design to celebrate the return of live music and our collective return to large social gatherings.

Emerging from its cocoon we see a vibrant, colorful, butterfly transformed and reborn. Below it, the Blue Lotus emanates spiritual awakening and wisdom emerging from its muddy waters. While Ouroboros (the snake eating its tail) circles them both representing the concept of eternity, rebirth, and endless return.

It is such a blessing to just be. To breathe deep and realize that you’re having this life experience with so many other humans & animals. Simultaneously sharing the same place in time with millions, and dare to even say, collectivley sharing a stream of conscious thought.

Although mostly constricted by language, our thoughts often tap into something indescribable. That “something” is articulated in its highest form through live music. “Renewal” is an ode to just that. The deep connection we all feel when experiencing live music together. There is no doubt in my mind that the Players and the Participants alike - tap into some stream of thought that is bigger than themselves. Give thanks for every breath and live in gratitude, for this life is not promised.


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