Batik Washing Instructions


Batiks are hand-dyed garments, and should not be worn until washed. All of our handmade batiks require a strict attention to these washing instructions:

1. Machine wash individually by color on cold setting.

2. Once the final spin cycle has completed - immediately machine dry!

– Do Not drip dry –

Wash Separate for the first 2 - 3 washes, or until all excess dye is removed.

– Do Not hand wash –

For best results use a brand name liquid detergent without any added boosters. Synthrapol is by far the best detergent for your dyed garments. Tide or Arm & Hammer liquid detergents with no added boosters work well too. Please avoid using eco-friendly detergents, sensitive skin detergents, or detergents with boosters such as stain remover, brightener, and/or fabric softener.