If You Get Confused Listen To The Music Play

If You Get Confused Listen To The Music Play

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 With this piece we pay homage to one of the greatest Songsmiths of all time - Robert Hunter. With Hunter positioned in the center - the image depicts the Four Winds surrounded by the Left Hand of Robert Hunter and the Right Hand of Jerry Garcia.

The Lyrics "If You Get Confused, Listen To The Music Play" will also be written on the back. 

Hunter's lyrics are what 1st sunk their teeth into me. Giving me the desire to go deeper into the Grateful Dead and explore their albums. Jerry's melodies were paired so perfectly with Hunter's use of words - it was like they were one person. Its extremely rare to find 2 artists that can work so smoothly together and be so consistent, while also creating such a massive body of work.

It was hard to choose which Hunter song to use as inspiration - there's just so many great ones! I tried to think of which song resinated with fans at shows the most You know > The songs that just lit the place on fire with emotion. The song I landed on was Franklin's Tower. Seeing the band play such jazzy weirdo chords during Slipknot and then going into such a Groove like Franklin's - was and still is one of my fondest live musical moments.  Thank you Robert for your humanistic tone and wise content. Your words ring with golden truths that resonant with every mortal mind. Pass over in Peace and forever Rest in Rhythm and Rhyme.    

(Inspired by a photo taken by the great Jay Blakesberg)


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