Rock N Roll
Rock N Roll
Rock N Roll
Rock N Roll
Rock N Roll
Rock N Roll
Rock N Roll

Rock N Roll

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  • Signed & Numbered by Artist Charlie Paschall
  • Each piece is hand-drawn with wax, hand-painted, and hand-dyed to order.

Music heals & shines a light into the darkness.  It brings people of all creeds and ethnicities together, inspires love, fuels visions, empowers the listener, gets us through hard times, and allows us to dance with  reckless abandonment.

Thus the relationship we form with our musical tastes is very personal and autobiographical.

When I was a kid I was blessed to have an older sister that loved 70s and 80s punk & rock n roll. One of my early memories was when at 7 yrs old she locked me in her room and wouldn’t let me leave until I could recite all 4 members of the Ramones names. 🤣

Since I was the annoying little brother and she was too cool to hang with me, I would sit outside her room on the stairs and listen to the records she would play.  Then I would ask “What were you just listening to”?

I heard soooo many great bands, at a very young age, like that. Two of my all time favorite bands that were discovered in this way were Janes Addiction & the Grateful Dead.

My love for Janes started when my sister bought me their 1st album (which has a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Rock n Roll” on it) for my 12th birthday.

The divine hunger for the Dead started at 14 . My sister was an 80s head who played American Beauty often. One day after hearing it echo from her room > I rode my bike up to our local record shop and bought it on vinyl.  I can still remember being so stoked to listen to Brokedown Palace in my own room, on my own stereo, through my own Speakers!!!!✊⚡️✊

This design pays homage to all those moments when we leaned on rock n roll and it helped to us to see things a little more clearly. 


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